Jordan Gaines Lewis is a science writer and doctoral candidate in neuroscience at Penn State College of Medicine.

Jordan writes the award-winning blog Gaines, on Brains, which introduces new, quirky, and puzzling neuroscience research to readers—without the heavy scientific jargon.

She is a regular contributor to NBC, Nature EducationPsychology Today, The Conversation UK, and her writing has been featured in Scientific American, The Washington Post, The Guardianand Slate, among others. She is also the Editor-in-Chief for ScienceSeeker and developer, managing editor, and contributor to the graduate student blog Lions Talk Science.

Jordan's dissertation research focuses on risk factors for obesity and metabolic syndrome in adolescents, and how these risk factors might be predicted by sleep quality in childhood.

Jordan was honored as a member of Pacific Standard Magazine's inaugural list of "30 Top Thinkers Under 30" in 2014.

A Maryland native, Jordan currently lives in central Pennsylvania with her husband.

You can follow her on Facebook, TwitterGoogle+, and ResearchGate. Email her here. Sign up to get her neuroscience newsletter, The NeuroTransmitter, sent directly to your inbox each week here.